Thank you all for being so incredibly generous and supporting our appeal to collection clothes and other goods to distribute to refugees in crisis- however we cannot take any more donations. We simply do not have the space, and many of the distribution centres we originally intended to take the donations to are now also full. However, there are other things you can do to help, the advice below is from the Welsh Refugee Counci (and further information is available on their website)



10 things you can do:
1. Sign petitions calling for the UK Government to accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.
2. Fundraise, volunteer and donate money to local services to support asylum seekers and refugees living in Wales.
3. A donation to the Welsh Refugee Council ensures that we can provide support for asylum seekers and refugees across Wales.
4. A donation to the Oasis Centre will help provide lunch and a drop in service for asylum seekers and refugees in Cardiff,
5. A donation to the Trinity Centre will help provide a drop in service for asylum seekers and refugees in Cardiff,
6. A donation to Displaced People in Action will help ensure refugees voices are heard,
7. A donation to Asylum Justice will help provide legal advice for migrants in wales to access justice,
8. A donation to Unity in Diversity will help provide a drop in service for refugees in Swansea.
9. Have challenging conversations with people about migration in the street, around the table and in your schoolyard. Learn more about refugees and migration and be vocal in your support to make Wales welcome.
Join us to march in solidarity as Wales says #Refugeeswelcome on the 12th September in Cardiff meeting at the Aneurin Bevan Statue, Queen Street.
10. Join City of Sanctuary and Oxfam Cymru to lobby your local Council by writing to your local councillors in Wales to tell them that you would welcome Syrian refugees in your area and to inform them that there is already a system in place to do this called the Syrian Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme. You can find your local Councillors and details on how to contact them here.

Posted at 12:38 pm
by Cerys Furlong on September 5th, 2015